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04-07-2014, 06:49 PM

I began my fight against MPB when I was in my lower 20's (now in lower 30's). I began with Rogaine solution and then added Finasteride (5mg pills cut into quarters). I had good results but idiotically went off the two drugs for about nine months. Things worsened considerably, and so I went back on. Luckily, things improved and I regained what I had lost. Then I switched over to Rogaine Foam and Avodart. That was a few years ago. Things have been hunky-dory but now I think things are worsening.

I noticed probably five weeks ago that when applying the Rogaine Foam to my scalp that there would be several hairs stuck on my fingers afterwards. These hairs all have a white bulb-like end (follicle?). It is scary to see these hairs :( Out of terror, I started using Rogaine Foam twice a day instead of just once (I never used it twice/day before). And instead of massaging into the scalp, I started patting it in good. It seemed the massaging would rip loose hairs right out of my scalp. I've also recently bought Kirkland 5% Minoxidil solution, and a fresh batch of Finasteride is in the mail. So my new regimen will look like this:

Morning: 1mg Finasteride (actually 1.25g if pill cut correctly) + Rogaine Foam
Night: .5mg Dutas (Dutasteride) + Kirkland 5% minoxidil solution

Is this alright? Will the two types of minoxidil not go along well together? I took a shower just now and decided to give my scalp a scrub (I've honestly not been massaging the shampoo in well into my head where the thinning is occurring because I'm afraid of ripping loose hairs). I was horrified at all the hairs I lost in tonight's shower. I know I'm not the only one horrified and saddened by hairloss but I soooooo don't want to lose any more hair!

BTW, my area of thinning is what my dad would call the "monkey butt" region. Not sure if that makes sense...it is in the back of the head...around the "colic" if that makes sense. Typical area, I'm sure. No receding hairline issues.

Anyone have any thought? Should I stop scrubbing my hair in the affected area? Can I use both minoxidil types (foam and solution) from two different brands? Anything else I can add to my regimen?

Thanks so much for any help!

04-09-2014, 05:29 AM
Actually, upon closer inspection, the area of hair loss seems to be higher up than it used to be. Perhaps rubbing the minoxidil into the "monkey butt" region as my dad called it (colic area) has worked? I am going to start trying to apply the minox a bit higher up.

Again, any help appreciated!!!