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10-05-2009, 07:49 AM
I'm wondering if anyone has experience with, advice about and information on scar repair. Are there HT doctors that specialize in scar repair? I am wishing to buzz my scalp, but extensive scarring exists. many thanks,

10-06-2009, 04:38 AM
Replied to similar question just - copied here:

All depends where your scars are positioned on your scalp. Chances are if it was inappropriate surgery then the scars are in inappropriate positions. Scars can easily stretch back when revisions are attempted -it all depends on the actual position, size, laxity etc. FUE'ing into the scars could be the better option in order for you to help disguise them and enable you to cut the hair around the scars lower.

I would highly recommend you see a recommended physician on this site in order for them to offer their hands on advice in person.

Robert True, MD
10-08-2009, 08:18 AM
Spex is correct, there are several different approaches which can be used to treat donor scars and it does require a careful examination by an experienced hair transplant surgeon in order to determine the best options for any one individual. In many instances, simply excising the scar, assuring clean margins without transection, double layer closure, and trichophytic edge is all that is required to covert an easily seen donor scar to one that is only visible on close inspection with the hair worn very short. In other cases where the scar is too wide, or the skin has characteristics that make a person prone to wider scars, it may be best to perform balloon tissue expansion prior to scar revision. I have seen some great results with this approach to very wide scars. This is a procedure practiced by few hair restoration surgeons. I refer all of my cases to Dr. Jim Vogel in Baltimore as he is very skilled at this technique. (there others equally skilled around the world).

There are cases in which the scar can be transplanted. When the scar is small and flat, FUE alone can be used to hide the scar, or following scar excision, grafts can be placed in a second stage for further concealment. When transplanting into scars, I, along with other doctors in the field have found that it is best to make the graft receptor sites with the FUE punch so that we are removing some of the scar as we are adding hair. The idea is to get the grafts to a good blood supply and to seed the scar with healthy tissue to improve yield and growth as well as color of the scar.

While I cannot promise a satisfactory solution for you, I know there is a good likelihood that you can be helped.