View Full Version : Job interviews after HT

03-25-2014, 06:58 PM

I am having a sizable FUT procedure in a couple of weeks. I am transitioning between jobs and going through interview processes, which I was hoping to have wrapped up before the procedure. Unfortunately it looks like I will have to continue interviewing after the transplant, and am trying to think of ways to minimize the damage from an appearance perspective.

Has anyone gone through a similar process and has any advice on how to best handle (i.e. look as presentable as possible during interviews)? Would switching to a FUE significantly improve the appearance over the 1-2 months post transplant, due to the lack of the linear scar?

Thank you in advance.

03-28-2014, 01:19 PM

As long as you go to a competent FUE doc, yes IMHO the post-op appearance will be like night and day.

Experienced FUE docs use much smaller punches because they have mastered the manual extraction process and they leave very little if any collateral damage. In addition they can potentially do larger sessions in a single day.

Smaller punches are less invasive and as a result, the extraction sites heal much quicker with less notice.

Just don't go have FUE with someone who is new and/or learning FUE.

Save your money and go to the best...;)