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Dr. Lindsey
03-18-2014, 05:55 AM
Long time readers may recognize this fellow. He'd had a failed flap surgery in the 80s which was also placed way too low on his forehead. He'd essentially become a hair "cripple" and was severely impacted by this terrible result.

He came over about 22 months ago and we did a standard strip procedure to give him a hairline at a more normal level. He had limited donor hair and quality but we were able to do a reasonable job despite his decreased blood supply and scarring. A year later he returned and we excised his failed flap and did a "mini-reverse-browlift" to put his new hairline at the proper level. The hair in his failed flap was used to add posterior coverage to his surgery we'd done the year before. Unfortunately he had to leave the US before getting his sutures out and had some difficulty....thus his forehead scar is not as good as I'd expected.

Our plan was always to do a third procedure this year and do another strip to bolster the hairline and add coverage further back.

I emailed him to see if we could get an update and he replied back that he is "over the moon" ( a UK expression I guess) and isn't sure he wants a third case. While I'm psyched about his progress I really want to complete the project. I suspect though that after living with that crazy flap for 20 years and now looking normal, albeit with thinning hair, that I'd be over the moon too.

IF he comes over I'll put up more pics and an update. For now though I can only put up pictures he sent a week or 2 ago.

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Dr. Lindsey McLean VA