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03-14-2014, 09:30 AM
Spencer Kobren and Joe Tillman discuss the dumbing down of the internet,and how misguided consumer demand is what really drives certain changes in the field of surgical hair restoration. Spencer also fields calls from across the country from hair loss sufferers trying to navigate through this industry and avoid the marketing hype that seems to [...]Who Drives The “Evolution” Of Hair Transplantation? Bet You Think It’s Medicine and Technical Innovation Right? (http://www.thebaldtruth.com/hair-transplant-surgeons/who-drives-the-%e2%80%9cevolution%e2%80%9d-of-hair-transplantation-bet-you-think-it%e2%80%99s-medicine-and-technical-innovation-right/) is a post from: Hair Loss Show: The Bald Truth (http://www.thebaldtruth.com)

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03-16-2014, 06:12 PM
I caught the show a couple of days late on my Roku player and it was another good one. I have to say I am liking the number of calls. The show seems to have a quicker pace.

Few things I wanted to note:
- I think it is a good idea to hold off until the second hour before taking JFSI's call, and to keep it to about 20-30 mins. Joe brings good stuff to the show. I enjoy his updates on potential treatments. Keeps me from having to read through a hundred pages on the forums just to find out about new developments. He can be a bit depressing at times and might turn off new viewers/listeners away from the show. I know the first few times I watched the show, I wasn't really into his constant negativity and depression. Almost made me want to jump in front of a bus.

- Like I mentioned before the number of calls were great. I enjoy hearing the usual guys call in, but there were a few new callers too and it was good to hear new stories.

- There was one call(sorry I cant remember the guys name) where a guy discussed his experience on propecia. He talked about how he took it and got sides, but then reduced his dose and was able to still get the benefits from the drug. I thought this was an important call because many guys get scared off of taking propecia when they experience sides. This was a very informative call not just for the guys that are taking propecia, but for the ones who are not taking it because they are concerned about potential sides.

It was overall another great show. I look forward to the next one.

03-17-2014, 08:21 AM
Really good show and great to see Spencer BACK.:cool: