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Dr. Lindsey
03-11-2014, 06:30 AM
This really interesting fellow came over last year for repair work on a sparsely transplanted hairline. Shown are his day of surgery, one week (during which it looks like he did no cleaning), and 10 months out. He sent me another really interesting picture of himself on his job…but unfortunately it shows his face and I don’t have his permission to post it. I’ll ask him to put that up and we’ll see. It is a truly memorable picture that happens to show a good hairline.

Of note…you will see that he has 2 poor scars with good hair in between them. I’m constantly amazed at why doctors just don’t either excise the old scar (particularly for little cases like he had before coming to me) or at least just sew up to the old scar so men only have 1 scar on the back of their heads. Given his need and scars, we simply excised the good hair between his scars and sewed them together. Not perfect but better than a third scar.

Also I put up a few pics showing how sparsely his hairline was even after 2 cases elsewhere. Now he does have fine hair but I think we were able to improve his hairline significantly as he shows in the 10month pictures that he emailed in.

Dr. Lindsey McLean VA