View Full Version : Hair loss forums are a luxury.

02-28-2014, 07:04 AM
Guys I just want to share something. I just had a serious health scare and was waiting for the results of the tests. In that time period all priorities of mine changed. The thought of me worrying over my hair loss and visiting hair loss forums seemed like a luxury compared to what I might have had to deal with. I would have traded what I was being tested for, for a full blown NW7 and have been thankful for it.

Through the grace of God I just received the news that everything is alright. I'm the first person to say that hair loss is tough and it changes your life but those of us with good health should feel extremely fortunate that it's only hair loss forums that we are visiting and no other forums.

I wish good health upon all of you and wish that hair loss is the worst thing you will ever encounter.