View Full Version : Forelock pattern on 52 y/o man; 6700 grafts; Dr. Mike Beehner

Mike Beehner, M.D.
02-25-2014, 04:16 PM
This 52 y/o male presented six years ago with a Norwood VII level of hair loss. A large frontal-midscalp forelock pattern was used over three moderately large sessions of 1550 grafts each time. He also came two other times for small "touch-up" sessions to place more grafts toward the back of the midscalp for fullness - all totaling 6700 grafts, with 900 of them being MFU grafts (4-6 hairs) and the rest FU grafts.

The important points concerning the forelock pattern are these:

a) The rear vertex/crown is pretty much left alone. There just isn't enough donor hair to make a difference back there

b) The face is framed strongly with hair, especially the front-center portion

c) A "mirror image" is created at the side, in which the forelock brushes up against the "hump" of the side fringe, even if that has to be transplanted to effect this appearance. This can be seen on the side photos I have here.

I believe I presented him a few years ago after he had two sessions. The "after" photos now show the mature, final result I was able to achieve.

d) In doing the above, a "triangle" space is left on each rear side, which I call the posterior parietal triangles. This area is transplanted with FU grafts somewhat sparsely in comparison with the rest of the forelock body.

Mike Beehner, M.D.