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02-22-2014, 10:35 PM
The best place to start doing follicular unit extraction (FUE) homework is at home for most of us. Starting your searching off efficiently is to have more than one consultation to do yourself some level of justice while offering educational awareness regarding follicular unit extraction hair restoration surgery. There are lots of different clinics that will recommend higher and lower numbers of transplanted follicular units to treat each individual patients case. The most uncertain aspect of proceeding with an FUE procedure is the experience of the newly trained surgeons and medical assistants. Don't compromise excellent results by limiting your choices to geographic location, greatly reduced pricing, and hastily scheduled FUE surgery prior to completion of research of a prospective FUE clinic. One FUE procedure is surely life-changing but one bad FUE procedure comes as life-altering and adversely affects a patient's mental health, emotional health, and self-confidence. The effects can last an entire life time so be very cautious when approaching an FUE clinic that solely divulges the positive information of their entire FUE procedure and omits the negative aspects of their FUE technique. Do think it to be peculiarly abnormal when you find yourself in a consultation and happen to be hearing everything exactly how you wanted to hear it. Every word has exactly the sweetest ring to unfurl your ears. Be mindful of how quickly you should excuse your premature departure from such consultation and proceed outside to the safe confines of your parked vehicle.

Hair Loss Experiences is a prolific online community that promotes forward progress which is constantly being made. This community is conducive to achieve upward progress for those who seek to find reputable FUE clinics. We must all conduct due diligence through research and education. Don't concern yourself with the pressures of sales pitches, promises, cheap pricing, and unsubstantiated patient results. This uncommon information is not typically made available to the newer forum members. WHTC clinic relishes providing prospective patients with the most vital information prior to their pursuit of the most effective treatment plan. I certainly intend to provide some lesser known details to those who are on a time limit to observe hard-obtained information. I canít hesitate to help anybody who searches for truth.

There are more limitations than most prospective patients seem to realize as being substantial. Some of the limitations are the initial cost per follicular unit graft, the number of follicular units transferred in a single sitting, and possible effects on the scalp can include unnoticeable and noticeable areas in the donor area that show signs of hypo-pigmentation and hyper-pigmentation. Many patients never experience any noticeable changes in pigmentation within the donor area. In some cases, FUE patients can be required to have their donor area shaved or buzzed to approx. 1mm in length. The option for zero-shave follicular unit extraction (FUE) by follicular isolation technique (FIT) is exclusively available at WHTC clinics. There are a few select FUE clinics that consistently offer and perform a non-shaven preparation method of FUE around the globe. Zero-shave FUE by FIT is the most minimally invasive and stealth form of donor harvesting currently available. With zero-shave FIT, the patient remains totally undetectable in the donor area immediately after the FIT procedure. FIT is the method of harvesting which follows each initiated follicular unit incision that occurs subsequent to extracting complete follicular units. Similar to FUE, FIT is also a minimally invasive surgical procedure consisting of removal of naturally-occurring follicular units. FIT also involves no linear scarring, no sutures, and no scalpels or knives.

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02-25-2014, 09:00 AM
Just curious, are there any differences in Dr. Mwamba's FIT technique compared to Dr. Cole's CIT technique since Dr. Mwamba trained under Dr. Cole?