View Full Version : 1600 CIT on class 5 patient at 1-yr. post-op -Case B - NO strip scars

09-28-2009, 11:14 AM
Here is a potential class 5 patient who received 1600 CIT grafts. The patient has straight, medium fine hair with average donor density (180 hairs per square centimeter). The patientís goal was to add density onto the front. Dr. Coleís treatment plan for this patient was to conservatively transplant the CIT grafts to the top and frontal third. Medical therapy was also in the plan to treat the patient.

The photos shown below depict this patientís progress at 24 months post-op. A dramatic change in the appearance of the frontal scalp has been achieved by adding such a small amount CIT grafts. With CIT, there is no linear scarring associated with strip hair transplant method (FUT). No clinic can guarantee that a surgery is 100% scar free but there are less invasive methods to harvest a donor area. The patient is very excited about the new natural looking growth and the boost of confidence.