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02-14-2014, 09:21 AM
I've been creeping on these boards every so often and I see either people talking about propecia being the worst drug known to man, to be the saving grace of someoneís life! Let me tell you about my hair loss story.

1st off some will disagree some will agree ask any pharmacist any drug that was at first meant for something else is not really a effective drug and will most likely carry unwanted side effects. Its like Anti-depressants used for premature ejaculation. Thatís a side effect of the drug decrease of libido aka lasting longer in the bed room to some. But some people who have Pre-Mature Ejaculation can benefit from the drugs effect.

My point for some of you hard heads on here Propecia was created for people with BPH and Prostate issues, but once Merck found out a side effect was hair growth they marketed it as a preventive treatment for hairloss and made millions even the stocks went up. (Merk isn't the most ethically company but thats for another time)

I am not a doctor or pharmacist but have spoken too many about this drug, also my half brother at one time was a director at Merck. It was him who told me about my hair loss and how his company provides a medication to prevent further balding. So a couple years ago while in college I decided to go to my PD and get on Propecia. It was literally so easy to do.

First couple of weeks on it the occasional testicle ache but nothing more, 3-6 months on it here comes the killing of erections, no morning wood, terrible sex in bed no round two. And this was all at 21 so I had a check up at my doctors and I told him the deal and the side effects I was starting to get I couldn't even masturbate like I wanted to anymore lol! My doctor was cool he told me to take it every 3 days so I followed orders and did that.
So some minimal shedding but after 7-10 months hair felt thicker and rich was getting compliments from various people felt like the man for that and my hair really was looking better still sexual sides limited masturbation and ate healthy and exercised took proper supplements.

A year on the drug hair looking good still really working on me well brother even said it looks like I grew in more hair from the center and sides around my temple region which was rare to do on the drug for most people.
A year and 6 months still a college student and the propecia at the time was expensive I started getting more fatigued on the drug and feeling out of it. My brother gave me a lot of proscar in which I cut up and used and cut the littlest amounts because I was starting to not want to be on this drug and take a little breather to see whats up. I stopped for a couple months and my boners came back to normal and my sex drive was back and I was lasting longer in bed. Finally went back on the proscar and was on that for a couple months thatís when I was more nervous and down and out. I decided to stop taking it so I would take a little proscar each week then finally ended it, weeks later the anxiety got bad for like a month, had panic attacks and was feeling really shitty. But I exercised ate well and didnít read about it on forms like propecia help because I would of freaked myself out. Lol I know hair is important to use guys but a lot of you act like propecia is a perfect drug yes its effective for hairloss but it has it sides.

Overall I took Fin for about 2 years and 3 months hair wise it worked for me and made my hair better then it was. Side effects: Induced anxiety during the end with proscar, then just the sexual side effects that you guys talk about. Low libido, fatigue, watery sperm, cumming soft.

At one point I went to a urologist and got some viagra lol the combo of propecia and Viagra was key but who wants to take that combo for the rest of their life. He even told me get off it for 6 months and see if the sexual sides go away.. They did.

I also have ADD and Anxiety but I do not take any drugs for that at all but Merck knows from studies that Propecia induces Depression and Anxiety because it messes up neurotransmitters and GABA. Having a supply of GABA is really necessary for those who have depression or anxiety in fact people with low amounts of it get panic attacks and are Depressed
Also there was a study that propecia is effective for recovering Alcs because it kills the thought of drinking and people were less likely to become addicted to liquor on it. I sware I am not making this shit up. Sounds pretty wild that a drug for hairloss can do a lot to the brains natural chemistry.
If anyone already has Anxiety, ADD, Depression then this drug will lower certain chemicals in the brain making your condition worse. Thatís why people complain about the fatigue, the brain fog, and the freakish post symptoms of Fin after stopping it.

Anyway I know a lot more about this DrugÖ.My brother still takes this drug every day and he swares by it he started at 27 and he is 39. He claims to have no sides and had two kids off it. But recently he asked me about it and he said he was thinking of getting off it and was just going to get a hair transplant if he lost his hair.. He told me he was thinking about quitting it because it could be dangerous for long term users. Keep in mind no long term studies were provided on the drug. He told me that having low T from this drug is not good over time. It can bring on a lot of wanted shit in the long run. His approach was a good one he didnít get involved in the boards, or look up side effects but I asked him did he have any at all in his long present career on propecia. And he said ringing of the ears, insomnia, fatigue, muscle aches. He said this is what some things he went through for a period of time but isnít blaming Fin. He said his sex life was fine but being a director for Merk in his 30s with two kids while traveling a lot he probably only had sex a couple times a month so he wouldn't be able to see a significant difference. He is my half brother and has no learning disabilities or Anxiety Disorders like me lol. A big anger problem though hahah.

Recently made an appointment for the Dermatologist just to talk about propecia and get it prescribed for maybe two days a week, yes I am receding more and losing more hair to the point I canít style it I just comb it down. Funny the Derm told me on the phone they don't prescribe propecia anymore because of too many complaints and side effects. So I have to go back to my PD the Dr who I went to is not with them anymore though. Affiliated Dermatologists was the office that denies propecia now. Regular Doc years ago didn't at a PD.

It sure feels good to have my full sized penis back with a good amount of semen present though. And my mind is better I speak to a psychologist, I exercise take my supplements and I have a radio show for hip-hop. I also take rogaine and nizoral lol the Big 2. Honestly rogaine seems to suck itís like Iím losing hairÖ No doubt about it propecia is the most effective for combating hair loss but there is a liability with that. I am taking Viviscal a supplement that Alan Bauman talks about.. Is that guy a scammer? Because I hear Viviscal is a waste of time and money.

I was 20 when I took the drug and stopped at like 22-23 I am 24 now. Also donít blame my Anxiety and not the side effects I got on the drug. Look up the studies done by Merk. If anything I was tough when I was on the drug just telling my this shit is all in my head but overtime I realized no I actually am getting sides. My brother told me it happens he had a friend who still takes the drug and another friend who stopped taking it after a year and called it poison.