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02-11-2014, 01:37 AM
So i recently go in contact with Spex after reading his website to ask him where in the UK he sources his Finasteride, he recommended a guy called Dr Steven Edgar, so I got in contact and let him know i wished to order some finasteride. The email i got back in return said he can help, asked to read the details and it says this:

The process will be as follows;
1. Please fill in the medical questionnaire in the link below
2. After you have finished answering the questions you will need to make a bank transfer for the required amount.
3. Once payment has been received I will start the process of reviewing your form and processing the medication through the pharmacy.
4. Medication will be sent via recorded 1st class delivery within 5 working days of receiving your payment in a plain white envelope.

To make payment you will need to make a bank transfer to the account details below:

Pay to: -
Sort code: -
acc no: -
reference: -

The system above has been designed to speed up and automate much of the needed information so I can process your private prescriptions in an efficient and timely manner in between my regular work commitments as an NHS doctor.

Please click link to the medical questionnaire

Kind regards,

Dr Steven Edgar
GMC no 4722104


The reason i'm dubious is purely because if someone wanted me to pay for something on ebay via bank account transfer where you have no buys protection i'd be like..umm no.

I don't think its any news to people here that there are many people out there looking to capitalise on people with no self esteem looking for a cure to their ailments on the internet.

My question is:
Does anyone use this guy for their finasteride, is it legit?
I ASSUME that spexhair.com is a legit website run by Spex and not an imposter looking to make money?
I have no reason to believe its the case but i don't wanna throw 189 out the window for 15 months of Finasteride which I'm potentially never gonna get :P


02-11-2014, 01:41 AM

This was the original website I found a link to.
The email I contacted referenced on the website is support@spexhair.com

02-11-2014, 04:39 AM

I have recently used Dr Steven Edgar to get my latest supply of 5mg Finasteride and there was no issues. I have been on Finasteride for about 7 years now and the service was very prompt and efficient. You can authenticate him by his GMC number.

Spex has been around 10 years on the message boards, co-hosts the Bald Truth Uk show with Spencer Kobren and represents Dr Feller, Dr Lindsey and Dr Feriduni.

See his site page about getting a prescription but you should speak to your own GP initially before considering Finasteride.


02-11-2014, 05:24 AM
I know of many guys who have order through Dr Steven Edgar with no issues at all.

Spexhair.com is my website.

You can authenticate Dr Steven Edgar by checking him out via the GMC website. His GMC number is above. He is incredibly helpful and even offers to speak on the phone if required. You can call his practise directly and arrange a chat. I have only heard very positive comments regarding his service. The finasteride he prescribes comes from UK Lloyds Pharmacy, therefore legitimate without question.

The email you have posted i believe has since been altered greatly along with the questionnaire process as it has recently been updated with new questions regarding your own GP infomration which is now a legal obligation you need to include for any GP to privately prescribe finasteride.

If you do not feel comfortable getting your private prescription from Dr Edgar you do not have to. You can always speak to you own GP regarding a finasteride prescription or speak to Boots directly and get Propecia 1mg - but be aware its much more expensive.

I get serveral emails a day regarding where patients can purchase legitimate 5 mg finasteride and i have NO issues at all recommending Dr Steven Edgar. If I had any reservation or had heard of any unsatisfied patients i would not recommend him.

Best of luck with whatever you decide.

Spencer ( Spex )

02-11-2014, 06:15 AM
His personal email for anyone who would like it who is interested in getting a private prescription for 5mg finasteride through him:

Email : drstevengedgar@gmail.com

FYI - Here is print screen from the GMC official website.



02-11-2014, 04:49 PM
Just for the record my post wasnt made atall to indicate doubt in spex or dr edgar, purely just to make sure i had found the right rpute to contacting them and not picked up an incorrect link somewhere for someone pretending.

The internet is full of people wanting to scam you out of money so i guess i was kindve shocked that people were so willing to help out of no personal gain, you might say its a nice relief to feel supported actually!

Thanks for putting my mind at ease, now do i have to get my GPs permission for finasteride then? In another post i made i mentioned seeing my GP about hairloss and he basically said i need to learn to cope with it rather than trying to halt it, which seemed either defeatist or just a lack of knowledge in the field... Or both perhaps.

Regards, JJ

Ps - thank you all again for your replies and help!

02-12-2014, 01:29 AM
No problems JJ :cool:

now do i have to get my GPs permission for finasteride then? In another post i made i mentioned seeing my GP about hairloss and he basically said i need to learn to cope with it rather than trying to halt it, which seemed either defeatist or just a lack of knowledge in the field... Or both perhaps.

No Dr Edgar doesnt require your GP's permission to prescribe finasteride, however he does legally have to inform them. This is the same for all private scripts now in the UK, the prescribing GP must inform your own GP of the medication prescribed. It's no biggy, simple on record.

Your GP like MANY in the UK are not informed at all on hair loss and the treatments available. I suggest if you wish to use Dr Edgars service you email him directly on his personal email for a new questionnaire and information.