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02-06-2014, 11:28 AM
Hi guys! Like many of you I suffer with what i consider to be a kind of mentally crippling disease at times. A bit about myself, I first noticed i was receding when I was about 17 as it was pointed out to me by one of my friends, that moment will always stick with me I think. My dad has very little hair so I'm not sure why i just assumed it would be a long time before that was me.

Im now 26 and have about the same amount of hair I think, I'm about a Norwood 2, nothing mega drastic. The worst part is since i was about 8 my hair has always been a big deal to me, I've always been 'the guy that styles his hair' and I still do and somehow 9 years after first having this problem people still don't notice. HOWEVER. a) its not the kind of lifestyle id wish on anyway, being so particular about having a windswept fringe which can never get wet, or sweaty or move. b) Its only gonna get worse, sadly.

I have 2 older brothers, one 6 years older and one 9 years older. Both in around the same stage of hairloss as me. I guess (And i hope) I always think mine is worse than theirs, but i think thats natural to look at it that way.

I've been researching a lot, and am in contact with Spex now and again about how to tackle it. It seems like their is no real answer as to what to do.

Do i go on finasteride and minoxidil? It might be another 8 years before my hairloss progresses by which point i may have developed a tolerance? Same with Minoxidil.

Do i get a transplant (i would only want a minor one, maybe 500 fue's to strengthen my hairline) and then go on finasteride later on? But then will I want to shave all my hair off when i eventually begin to go into norwood 3/4 (assuming i do, i probably will)

Do i bury my head in the sand and keep living like I am? (I've even looked into iGrow to maybe try and lessen the likelihood of it getting worse, but it seems like these Laser therapies are all a load of BS)

I've always wanted a consultation with someone to assess it and tell me what I'm best off doing but most people are out their with the agenda to sell you something, that is unfortunately the world we live in.

My girlfriend is the only person aside from my family who realises my position and thats only cause i told her after 3 years of being together, including 2 years of sleeping in the same bed every night.

I just want to be happier really, like everyone I guess.

All the feedback is hugely appreciated.

Jamie James.

02-06-2014, 06:14 PM
If I were in your position, I would give finasteride a try. I understand your concern about fin losing its effectiveness over time, but I think fin works best when it is used early on. Fin can help you grow some hair back (I believe it has helped regrowth in my case), but for the most part fin is best when used as a preventative treatment. I would get on fin and hope you stabilize, then if you are still not satisfied with your hair, start looking into getting a transplant.