View Full Version : Dr. Lindsey 5 month check on 3000 graft case with fine hair, and very short hair in d

Dr. Lindsey
01-28-2014, 07:05 AM
This nice fellow wears a short hair cut and has a pretty high forehead. He has fine hairs and although he still has some coverage up front, they are all miniaturized hairs and have been vanishing year by year. We had a long talk about scar issues and although FUE might be a reasonable choice, with his fine donor hair I think his results could be pretty variable. He agreed to have a longer hair length if the scar dictated it, which fortunately it has not as is shown on his 6 month pictures.

He looks quite good and ought to look fantastic at 12 months when he stops by again.

Shown are periop, day 7, day 30, and approximately 5 month postop pictures.
I asked him to post his case so he could describe the event as he is pretty conversive, but it appears that hed rather comment on my post than do it himself. So hopefully hell chime in.

Dr. Lindsey McLean VA