View Full Version : spencer kobrens only agenda is to help hairloss sufferers

joe from staten island
09-22-2009, 09:20 AM
some totally ignorant people on other message boards have made allegations that spencer kobren has been surpessing a cure for baldness. and that his agenda is to sell hair transplants. these allegations are totally without any merit and baseless. every week spencer says that hair transplants should be your last resort and that if you could live with your hairloss or shave your head that would be your best option. if he had a financial agenda , he would not be denying over 90 percent of physcians into the iahrs. only a person of spencers obvious high integrity would do this. as for surpessing a cure this is obviously total nonsense, he always has guest on his show who offer breaking news about a possible cure for this devestating disease of hair loss. as we know he recently had on dr. zering to discuss histogen a posssible cure and dr. greco to discuss prp therapy which may turn out to be a very effective treatment protocol for hair loss. in addition he had on dr. baumann to discuss low level laser therapy another promising treatment for hair loss. in the future he plans to interview dr. fargo of intercytex, dr washenik of aderans and some doctors from the most recent news on trichoscience.ALL I COULD SAY IS THANK GOD FOR SPENCER KOBREN ,HE IS THE LONE VOICE IN THIS HAIR INDUSTRY, WHICH IS PLAGUED BY CORRUPT AND UNCARING INDIVIDUALS. SPENCER IS TRULY A GIFT TO ALL HAIR LOSS SUFFERERS. GOD BLESS THIS WONDEFUL MAN.