View Full Version : 1500 FUs and Plug removal on hairline-4months-WHTC's Dr. Patrick Mwamba

WHTC Clinic
01-20-2014, 07:32 AM
This patient sought out WHTC clinic after having a strip harvested at a non-reputable hair transplant clinic. The patient decided to have the strip performed to lower the hairline because it was raised by a facelift procedure. During the strip procedure, plug grafts were transplanted onto the hairline. These plugs are not the classic plugs that create shotgun scarring but they are rather poorly placed multi-hair follicular unit grafts. The patient noticed the poor aesthetic results from the strip procedure within just a few months. Not only was the hair growth sparse but literally served injustice to the patientís feminine appearance. After these unsightly grafts became too unbearable to disguise, the patient resorted to wearing a headband in public. The grafts were apparently too big and consisted of too many hairs to allow the hairline to appear natural. Larger grafts placed onto the hairline create unsightly and pluggy hair transplant results that can oftentimes be demoralizing to any patient. As time progressed, the patient could no longer ignore the problem and began to find the situation to be far too depressing. Dr. Patrick Mwamba transplanted 1505 grafts onto the hairline after the plugs were removed. The immatured repair results are positive.