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01-14-2014, 03:57 AM
Hey there and thanks for a great forum, im 22 and had a receding hairline for almost 2 years now. Been on propecia for 1 year now and it has not helped my hairline, though rest of my hair is thick. My father is a NW4 and has been since he was 35. (now 60)
So my question here is;
With todays regen techonolgy, and with the future treatments coming out ( at least those who can preserve better then fin) Is it worth into looking for a HT just to thicken the hairline and some behind it? or is it to much to rely on future treatment since i dont think my loss will go beyond the transplanted area in atleast 3 years if i continute to use propecia!

Thanks for taking the time to answer.
(its not a monetary issure, so take money out of the question)
Thanks again!

01-14-2014, 06:16 PM
You don't mention your current Norwood stage and without pictures its hard to give an opinion.

However, I believe you are too young. You've been on Propecia for a year and it sounds like you've stabilized your loss.

A transplant now has more risks than rewards, IMHO. Consider: if you get a transplant now you are locked in to a drug regime. Forever. You don't want to lose any more hair behind the transplants so you'll have to keep it up.

The biggest mistake a young guy like yourself can make is thinking that you can "stay ahead of the game" and just fill in a few areas. You end up chasing a hairline and having multiple surgeries.

Sure it might look good for a few years, but if the meds stop working or you quit them for some reason you're going to have problems.

Then you have to worry about transections and shock loss. A lot of guys go for a transplant like you're talking about and end up in a net loss situation.

I believe you should always know what your balding pattern will be like and be well on the road to that before pulling the trigger on a transplant.

If I were you, I'd stay on the meds and see what another year to 18 months brings. See if you're truly stabilized and don't have any problems with the meds.

The receding hairline may bother you and I can understand why it's tempting to get something done and fill it in. However, it's relative. I can tell you from experience that the hairline that bugs so much right is the one that 5 years from now you will still wish you had (assumes no meds and letting nature take its course).

My advice? no transplant at the current time as you're too young and probably have to much hair.