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01-12-2014, 12:21 AM

Not totally new here, but have been losing hair for 1-2 years now, only 21. Used Fin at 1 mg every day from 10/12 to 2/13. Got off because of gyno symptoms, puffy nipples, extra fat there etc. As I workout and play sports regularly, this was disconcerting.

Tried again with Fin at 0.25 mg twice a week from 10/13 to 1/14 (now). Again, gyno symptoms creeped up after about 1-1.5 months this time.

Fin works wonders for me, thickens up my diffused hair each time in about 3 months.

Been on rogaine foam this whole time which probably does something but not nearly enough for me. What other options do I have? I have some RU55481 but who knows how effective that actually is, plus it could just give me gyno as well. Anything else to do or should I go the SMP/shave route when it gets really bad? Just want to know what others would do in my situation with this side effect, which unlike other fin sides, worsens over time. Other meds?

Mike K
01-20-2014, 10:51 AM
I notice you didn't mention Nizoral so I figure I'll mention it in case you are not aware of it. You can buy it in 1% and 2% online. It isn't marketed as a treatment for hair loss at all but tons of people use it and claim it gives them results so its probably worth trying. I use it but I also use fin and minox as well so I really don't know if Nizoral is doing anything or not. You said that you think that Rogaine is doing something but not enough, you might try the stronger minox that is sold online. I've also read about something called CB online and saw on a forum that some people use it with RU.

I'm in the same boat as you man. Fin works excellent but gives me side effects. I'm still at the stage where I am experimenting with the dosage hoping to get a good result without side effects. There's a few things I plan on trying before I shave my head, but I am 24 and at least a NW3V so that may be where I'm headed. Anyways, good luck to you.