View Full Version : FUE by Dr Reddy - 3211 grafts, 7309 hair, Norwood 5

Raghu Reddy, MD
01-11-2014, 12:53 PM
This 23 year old male came to us with a 5 year history of hair loss. He explained that he had sought help at an early stage of his hair loss but was advised to use strand by strand technique. As a consequence, he lost a lot more hair due to the glue used in the hair piece.

On examination , he had a Norwood 5 pattern of hair loss & his donor area was reasonable.
Dr Reddy stabilised his hair loss with Propecia & Minoxidil over 12 months & he was advised to stop wearing the hair piece.

After extensive counselling, we booked him for a FUE surgery. He was advised against restoring his crown as Dr Reddy felt he needed to preserve hair for future work if any.

3211 grafts were transplanted over 2 days, yielding 7309 hair.
Attached are his photos 6 moints after. He is continuing Propecia though he has come off Minoxidil as he had compliance issues. He seems reasonably pleased with the progress so far.