View Full Version : prp therapy-getting educated

01-10-2014, 04:51 PM
Just arrived home in Palm Springs at 2:36pm,left for La Jolla at 8:00am sharp for my prp/acell treatment with my new Dr.(Dr.Bronner.)

I have absolutely NO swelling whatsoever!That is a huge improvement! My previous doctor would mix the prp with saline and I would be swollen for at least 2 days.Also previous doctor would not mix prp with acell so two seperate procedures....

"All"s well that ends well!"If your going to get PRP/ACELL treatments for hair loss you want to make sure the physician is administering correctly!!

Like I wrote in previous thread PRP/ACELL is a very layered procedure that requires many steps that need to be precisely balanced and measured....!

Don't just go to any joe schmo.....! Research the DR>1st!