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09-19-2009, 05:46 AM
I'm relaxing in the Andrew hotel in Great Neck, the day after a touch up FUE session with Dr Feller. Recovery has been a breeze as usual and I have already ventured out to Manhattan and been refused beer ! At 35 I did of course take this as a compliment but now I'm concerned that in 6 months time when my hairline grows in, I'll never get served ;-)

Anyway, back to business..........yesterday I had 487 sexy single hair grafts placed to add density along my hairline and lower my right temple slightly.

This was my 7th FUE session. 3 have been with Dr Feller and I wish I'd found him sooner !

For those of you who don't know me, I began naively in 2001 with Dr Jones in Canada with hairline and temporal restoration of 600 grafts. Unfortunately, the result was poorly angled, vertical standing grafts and next to hopeless density.

Dr Jones second effort wasn't much better so since then it's been a battle to repair or at least refine the work that he had done.

Dr Wood's in Australia had a bash and to be fair he and his sister did a pretty good job, especially compared to Jones. The yield was excellent on the whole but there were still gaps and the hairline was pluggy, despite the density, partly down to my dark coarse donor hair I now realise.

Then Dr Cole (I did get around in those days!), managed to place some nice fine, naturally angled hairs but not many grew and the FUE holes in my donor took far too long to heal compared to the norm. I didn't like that at all and I'm sure he caused more scarring than was necessary. He also stopped working on me half way through and his trainee at the time, Dr Mwamba took over. I wasn't over the moon about that one either.

So that brought me to Dr Feller. I had read about Dr Feller and his dense pack which I though would be ideal to fill in the gaps. I flew to NYC and Dr Feller targeted the left temple with 200 grafts during a "luchtime" FUE session. My plan was to concentrate on planting in the stronger left temple as I parted my hair that side and I wasn't confident enough to risk more donor on both sides. If I'm honest, I didn't hold out much hope based on past experience but 8-10 months later the results were very impressive and the gaps filled.

Now that my faith had been restored in HT's, my confidence grew, so I had Dr Feller feather a few grafts along the very edge of the hairline which he managed with very natural results. The hairline continued to soften and 2 years later the result is pretty much perfect. That now brings us up to yesterday and my 7th session.

A consequence of my tactic to concentrate on the left side of my hairline obviously led to a lower hairline on this side. It didn't really matter as I parted my hair on the left and covered the right with longer hair. But my experience with Dr Feller showed me what can be achieved, so I decide to sit in the chair again and have him place 400 single hair grafts to lower the right side of my hairline and balance my hairline out.

The right side of my hairline is made up of a cowlick which lies very acutely to the skin. Dr Feller placed the grafts at this acute angle, copying the natural direction. This will result in great coverage as the hairs will lie on-top of each other. He also added a little density in the centre of my hairline and my "hair greed" meant we utilised the left over grafts in the left temple again.

Final count and 487 singles resulted from the FUE extractions. Very please with this result and while I wouldn't say it was an enjoyable day out, (it was surgery after all), it's the best I could have hoped for. Thank you Dr Feller, Anna, Marcia and the team......... again!!

I don't have any photos with me in the hotel but I'll get some up soon. Until then I'm happy to answer any questions/ comments as there's nothing on HBO !


P.S Thanks also to Spex for his ongoing advice and support. Cheers buddy.

09-21-2009, 08:52 AM
Heal and grow well you FUE VET you!:cool:

09-24-2009, 06:50 AM
Ok, one week post op and it's actually been the fastest recovery so far, both with the donor and recipient.

I'm not sure wether that was down to smaller incisions or that I used aloe vera and vitamin E oil which softened the scabs but either way the scabs have all gone and I'm now washing as normal.

Flight back was fine and at JFK they don't seem to ask you to remove your cap so no strange looks there.

I did have shaven bald patches with the red dots at the back of my head where the FUE's were taken, which I was self conscious about when walking round Manhattan. Despite the cap they were still visible through the back strap, so for the flight home I simply used a little Dermmatch to paint in the bare skin areas. Worked fine and I don't think it hindered the extraction site healing in any way.

Haircut's not the best though and I was considering shaving it all off to Grade 1 to match the donor. While it would look great now (buzz cut with intact hairline), I know that in a few weeks the grafts will shed and I won't have native hair to hide my loss. So for now I'm not sporting the best look

Anyway, all good so far and I believe the surgery pictures will be up soon.


09-28-2009, 05:18 PM
Thats great.

I have been considering meeting with Dr. Feller, as I too have heard great things about him.

Im just thin on the crown.. and unsure if its worth the "downtime"..but FUE I think is the only way...

I wish you a speedy recovery