View Full Version : am i nw 2 or 3 ? and i have a question

01-02-2014, 12:50 PM
my left temple
right temple
right side
left side
vertex with flash
without flash

so am i norwood 2-3 or what. i am using propecia for 6 days. Am i too late?
and one question, i think my left corner is norwood 2.5 and right corner 1.5. i am so upset this assymetrical stiuation. i am using finasteride for one week. here is the question, if i add minoxidil my treatment my left corner could return norwood 2 or 1.5? i am going to hair transplantation 7-8 years later. this is my plan. until ht is there any chance to return my right corner 2-1.5 and protect my hair? there is a myth about minoxidil lose its effiacy 2 years later, is it true?
long story short , i want return my hair norwood 1.5-2 and maintain until hair transplantion is it possible?
sorry my bad english hope you will understand.