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WHTC Clinic
01-02-2014, 01:06 AM
Hair loss can be expected to return following discontinuation of finasteride. Generally, the hair returns to its original state as if the medication had never been taken. You might get as far as two months of being off of finasteride before you begin to notice any changes in the appearance of your hair. Patients seeking to conceive can opt to stop for personal preference and precautionary measure. If this is the case, patients should have no problem with restarting finasteride once they’ve conceived. If a child is already conceived, patients can choose to practice protected sex and use a condom if they want to limit any potential exposure to finasteride. Any significant absorption of finasteride into the female's body can cause birth defects to occur. Expecting females should avoid all contact with finasteride. Patients should cautiously handle the medication to avoid risks from exposure. Touching the medication and thoroughly washing off all traces of it from exposed skin should significantly reduce chances of absorption that would pose risks to an unborn child. Remembering to do this religiously should allow patients to remain in the clear.

There’s no significant data available to suggest that the amount of finasteride in the semen of a man taking finasteride poses a risk to a fetus. Available data suggests that patients can take finasteride and achieve conception with their mates without risk to the fetus. There’s no applicable period of time that would require discontinued use of finasteride to achieve conception. That said, there is no known "safe period" or requirement for patients to stop the medication. The level of the drug in semen hasn't been shown to pose a risk to a fetus. Residue from crushed pills poses great risk. These opinions should not take the place of your physician's medical advice.

01-02-2014, 07:02 PM
I'm 18, hair >>>>> kids

but thank you mam you are very pretty I will be texting you except I live in a different country hopefully we can work this out.

01-02-2014, 10:28 PM
i'm 18, hair >>>>> kids

but thank you mam you are very pretty i will be texting you except i live in a different country hopefully we can work this out.


WHTC Clinic
01-16-2014, 10:51 AM

No worries… I totally understand your position and appreciate your opinion. There’s a right time and right place for everyone to make such a life changing decision. You have way too much living to do at the age of eighteen than to be thinking of parenting, however, females do want a knowledgeable man. The information in my previous post may seem like nonsense but it could still help someone’s friend or family member who may be expecting.

Hello everyone,

For the older gentlemen who have found their Miss. Right, take this information and file it somewhere in the back. This message hints to the fact that finasteride and pregnant women should never physically come in contact. Maybe creating a checklist of detailed reminders and procedures will really help to maintain proper distance of separation. Most of the worry could be canceled by habitual hand-washing and leaving the medication at the workplace.