View Full Version : Quit minoxidil after one year.

01-01-2014, 07:01 AM
So i quit minoxidil back in the beginning of september because I decided the sides and the hassle of putting it on every day weren't worth it for me. Plus it wasn't giving me any results, bar some slight thickening up of the hairline. I was only putting it on the hairline, as I have no crown or diffuse balding, only a receding hairline.

I've been on finasteride since I started minoxidil (so 1.5 years ago), and I will be on it indefinitely as I have no sides from it. I think finasteride is doing a good enough job maintaining my hairline.

Now that we're about 4 months in the future, I can say I've had little shedding from quiting minoxidil. I did lose the vellus hairs minoxidil grew at the hairline.

Am I in the clear now or can I expect more shedding? Is 4 months enough to know? Will things go back up from here? I'm really scared since I read reports of people starting minoxidil, then quitting it and ending up with worse than baseline a few months after. But then I also read it rebounds back to baseline a few months after that.

01-01-2014, 10:58 PM
I quit rogaine for a bit after 10 months of use and had bad scalp itch and was shedding a ton after maybe a month. Restarted minox after being off for 3 months. Maybe you're in the clear I would say