View Full Version : 5mg Proscar daily, ok?

01-01-2014, 06:37 AM
I'm going down to my doctor tomorrow to get a prescription for Proscar and just wondering if anybody knows if it's ok to take this stuff on a daily basis for full effect? I am also not too keen on the idea of cutting the tablets because of exposure, uneven distribution of fin throughout the pill. Also, is it as effective as propecia for hair loss?

Also this is simply about side effects etc. and nothing else, not price. A box of Proscar 5mg where I am is actually six times cheaper than a box of Propecia 1mg. So given that I can get prescription Proscar dirt cheap, I've no problem taken a 5mg pill on a daily basis.

Also, an interesting site on the trials whereby test subjects were given up to 80mg of fin a day without side effects, or am I reading this wrongly?