View Full Version : Steven Gabel, MD - Portland/Seattle - 2342 Female Hairline Restoration

Steven Gabel, MD
12-31-2013, 03:51 PM
This patient is a 39-year old female who for her whole life has been bothered by very deep recessions in the frontotemporal area. Because of this, she nearly always wore her hair forward to cover the areas which were nearly devoid or had very fine, scant hair. This patient is a very active individual and desired to be able to wear her hair back without being self-conscious.

Approximately 8 months ago, 2342 follicular unit grafts were densely packed into the left and right frontotemporal areas. At this point, her hair is growing very well, and she has noticed since month 3 that the hair started to grow. She is now reporting that her hair is filling in more each month.

The photographs on the left show her preoperative planning lines and the photographs on the right show the 8 month progress photos. The 8 month photographs were not taken in my office - thus the white background. The last 2 photographs demonstrate the immediate postoperative appearance which shows the dense packing of the grafts, and very importantly, the proper hair direction. It was very important that the hairs are not only placed into the proper depth, but also that they are oriented correctly so they grow out following the natural hair direction.

I am planning on seeing this patient at the 14-month postoperative mark and will post her new photographs at that time.