View Full Version : Dr Cooley FUT then FUE, 8,630 grafts

Jerry Cooley, MD
12-26-2013, 12:09 PM
This patient is in his mid 30's. Initially, his goals were to restore the frontal zone including a conservative, natural hairline and to add a little density to the midscalp and crown. We did 4000 grafts by FUT and he is shown at 9 months. He was very happy and wanted to lower the hairline some more. We did a little over 2,500 grafts by FUT and he is shown 1 year later. Although he could have stopped there, he wanted to do more, in fact as much as I thought was possible. Given this was his last procedure for any forseeable time, we opted do FUE. We performed over 2,000 grafts, and grafted the frontotemporal hairline, crown, and linear donor scar from FUT. Over the three procedures, we performed 8,630 grafts (16,792 hairs) He is shown 1 year later, including FUE sites and grafted FUT scar. Given the contrast between his hair and scalp, I don't think his donor area would have looked as good if all of the grafts had been taken by FUE.