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09-17-2009, 05:03 PM
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IAHRS Member, Dr. Edmond Griffin (http://iahrs.org/DisplayProfile.asp?ID=%C9%E2&sID=%B6%9A&sn=) of Atlanta, GA. Responds:

Hello, Iíve been considering doing something about my hair for several years and found the IAHRS through the American Hair Loss Association and wanted to ask a question to your staff or a doctor before I take the plunge. Great websites by the way! After reading all of the information that you provide and researching on other websites, it appears that the general consensus is that I will most likely need more than one surgery to be happy with the final outcome of a hair transplant. Is this 100% always the case or do some people have one hair transplant and thatís all that they need?

Your advice is appreciated!
Thank you,

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