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12-23-2013, 07:54 AM
so I am 5 months post op from FUE done with ARTAS, I just want to let all know how pleased I am with the results. Everything was status quo with it the healing timeline and the rate at which my hair would grow back, I was a bit delayed with the shock loss but it grew back very quickly. Now people are starting to notice, I am 43 years old I was just recently mistaken for 35ish which made my day. I highly recommend going through with the transplant surgery its a long journey and it took my a few years to decide and how to approach the way to go but I am so so glad I did it. As far as months after surgery I did get some ingrown hairs I found using an exfoliating shampoo really helps with that I chose to use Aveda mens exfoliating shampoo in my recipient area once it was healed which helped a lot for everyday I just use Aveda Mens shampoo its sulfate free and very gentle. I have now gone back to my regular styling products. I will say this guys its been so long since I had hair in the areas that were done I had to relearn how to style my new hair..LOL. As far as the haircuts have went my stylist has had to relearn how to cut my hair as well, at first I had him leave the new hair alone and just let it all fill in keeping my old style, now this last cut which was done on the day of my pictures (5 mo. post op) I had him take it all a bit shorter to match up the new hair with the old section which is when all the compliments started, I am glad I made the choice to have him do that. So now 4 cuts later I think he finally has it down. I am looking forward to watching it thicken up a bit more as I am told it should do in the next few months but even if this is it I am still elated with my results. The donor area looks great I had a co/worker as I am a stylist too clean up the back a bit for me and she said she felt no difference what so ever with the thickness and would never have know that 2000 hairs were removed so that also made me very happy. Also I am noticing with my new hair its growing the same direction as my old hair is no wild ones at all which tells me how skilled and I am giving a shout out to DR. Yates is at this. I have referred a few of my lady clients to him as they are curious too now. But what I am amazed at is the top of my hair has a slight wave to it and my new hairs seem to be blending in very well with that. Well that is my current status update hope you all have a great holiday and may all your days be great hair days I certainly know mine are!

12-24-2013, 05:43 AM
thank you for posting pics with this nice review

12-24-2013, 05:56 AM
my pleasure, I'm always willing to discuss my experience one thing I will add I did not post 3 and 4 month photos as there was really nothing to see at that time so I waited a bit. I could feel the stubble at my scalp coming in but it wasn't visible in a photo. I get asked a lot about hair growth medications by my clients I just tell them phooey on that stuff its way too much work, I like this way better its done done and done. I truly feel like a new man.

12-24-2013, 03:49 PM
Looks good. I am considering a transplant myself. Seeing results like these definitely will make the decision much easier.

12-25-2013, 06:59 AM
Jeffster Hi , First of all, Hello my CHICAGO Brother!
...and CONGRATULATIONS on your surgery. Its looks very very good.
Dr. Yates, in my opinion, is in that top 10% of premier Hair Transplant Doctors around the world today.
Ive spoken with Dr Yates a couple of times. It is so obvious just how caring a doctor he is.
Merry Christmas to all , and Jeffster, what part of the Chicago-land area are you at? Gosh- the weather is freezing but we will be back up to 40 degrees by Sunday.

12-26-2013, 06:10 AM
Can you at least upload 1 or 2 preop or post op pics.