View Full Version : eyelash transplant question

12-22-2013, 06:25 PM
I have a specific problem. My head hair is rather brown ( just like my beard) but I have those short tiny white eyelashes. It doesn't really match and growing up people constantly asked me the question: have you dyed your hair?
I've had eyelash tints but it grows out quickly. After a couple of days it already looks weird, tried latisse but it didnt work for me.

Now my question is: I have good and dark donor hair on the back of my scalp. It could definitely be transplanted to the eyelid area. The thing is: could you transplant it above the existing lashes to cover them? Or what would happen if my existing white lashes would get epilated first and you transplant scalp hair to that area? Would the transplanted hair survive over the epilated hair when it attempts to grow back?

Maybe not the most common question but I'm sure someone will help me figuring this out.