View Full Version : Dr. Wong/7218 Grafts/Two Sessions/3 Years

09-17-2009, 12:15 PM
This local NW6 patient originally came to see Dr. Wong in July of 2005 and received 4953 grafts in one session. He returned in August of 2006 for a second session of 2265 grafts. We presented his case in photos and video two years ago and I have included one of his older photos from that time frame to compare. It is the second photo in the collage.

We have recently started calling some of our patients that were in our early video gallery because we are trying to update those videos to high definition to be in line with the new videos we have posted over the past two years. He was happy to return for new photos and video and to show us his new hairstyle. His new video will be posted on September 18th in our "H&W Video Fridays" thread.