View Full Version : Hair Transplant Question

12-18-2013, 03:43 PM
I am scheduled for a pretty substantial size (~4000 graft) FUT procedure over the coming few months. I have some thinning throughout, but particularly in the temples and the crown (around NW 4). The doctor suggested that for the first procedure, we focus on the hairline and mid-scalp, but not on the crown, as there may be future loss in the mid and front areas to come. My initial plan was to follow up with a smaller second procedure about a year from the first (~1500 grafts plus body hair) to solely focus on filling the crown area. I realize the density in the crown may not be as full as the front, but I don't want to leave a shiny spot in the back while the rest of the head gets covered with hair.

My issue is that due to my age, etc. I would like to get full results as soon as possible, and doing a second procedure a year from the first would take about 2 years for full results. Since the two procedures would affect different areas, would there be a way to potentially due them right after each other (with different doctors, since first one doesn't do body hair), or would the new grafts from the first still be damaged in that case? Given my time urgency, are there any more efficient ways to get the results as opposed to waiting a year for the second procedure?

Appreciate any input / advice.