View Full Version : Almost 30 with some thining

12-16-2013, 06:22 PM
Hi everyone,

Just wanted to introduce myself to the community.

I'm almost 30 and have had some thinning over the last year or two.

My hair used to be really thick but has thinned out all over the top. I would suggest it to be defined as diffused, it's slightly noticeable at the crown and the temples.

I'm at the point that I feel that maybe 6 months to a year it would be noticeable to everyone else.

My father is mid 50's and has a pretty good head of hair, his father was bald when he passed (70). My mother's father (80) is bald too, not sure when he started to lose his hair.

I'm considering taking propecia but obviously have concerns about the side effects, also I live in Canada and don't know if the process is different here. (I'm still new to this.) Would love advice on a to-do list before approaching doctor about it. (blood tests, etc.)

I swear I can feel little tingles in my head as if the hair follicles were microscopic popcorn kernels being zapped, most noticeable in the crown, I've never noticed this before I saw visible signs of hair loss so it has to be connected. anyone else experience this?

I use normal shampoo and live a pretty healthy lifestyle, if anything I suffer from it's lack of sleep some nights and a little stressed, but not too much, mostly the stress comes from lack of getting laid...

I'd love to now more about the right approach to looking for solutions, for example, if there are any blood tests, testosterone levels, iron, etc. I could take to see how my body is doing. Would love some advice on that.

I have a lot of theories and questions to ask I would love to engage in some conversations but for now this is my intro, thanks for reading all this if you managed to stick through it.

I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on everything, looking forward to your comments.