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12-09-2013, 09:47 AM
I had HT a 1 month back. I was advised to start removing my scabs after 10 days by massaging with my finger pulps. I didn't know that i was supposed to do so gradually .... instead i removed them all in a single bath (by massaging with my finger pulps off course)... I am just wondering whether that would have damaged my transplanted follicles ? ... i did some research and came to know that one doesn't lose his follicle unless there is some bleeding.... I didn't have any bleeding ...

12-09-2013, 02:12 PM

As long as you are a good healer, removing the scabs/crusts at ten days post-op should be right on target.

Anyone can test the scab/crust removal at 10-12 days post-op and as long as there are no surface bleeding, you're good to go.

The underlying follicles are fine at this point in time and you won't lose the grafts either.

In approximately three months, you should begin to see some regrowth occurring.

Happy growing...;)