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11-30-2013, 07:04 PM
My name is Sherlie. First time caller, long time listener! Thx for allowing me to share my story...
Feeling very sad and anxious, so any advice back my way would be greatly appreciated. Here's how this went down:

Had my 1st HT in 2001. 614 grafts, strip procedure, mostly a reconstructed hairline that I did not ask for. Majority of grafts were in the front part of my scalp. This Surgeon (Derm) took it upon himself to create what he thought might look best. I never liked the results! Always felt like something looked "off"? Lived with it for 12+ years. Hairline too straight (linear) and FUG 3's placed up front. Size and angle wrong from the get go. B/c I had a lot of existing hair still in tact, this procedure was camouflaged very well. Bottom line... not many people knew and anonymity worked out ok. However, albeit said, as I aged and lost more natural hair, my issue needed to be addressed... and I knew it.

For over a decade, I had 8+ subsequent consultations with now a Plastic Surgeon highly regarded in this field. Considered by many to be the best. Gradual hair loss during a normal aging process made the prior 2001 procedure more noticeable. I was also struggling with styling techniques. A slight "comb over" was starting to occur, so I knew something needed to be done: soon!

On November 4th (just 26 days ago) I under went my 2nd HT: repairative procedure using punch extraction technique to remove the old grafts. Approx. 40-60 punches were done using what I think was an 8mm device. More aggressive than I anticipated, but I trusted this Surgeon... and he assures me all is normal and he is "confident"?! Also, he peppered in 1500 new grafts all with size and placement now focus.

So here is my issue: the punch biopsies have healed, but a lot of redness still exists, and there is a bit of a track line from where old 3's were removed. Sounds weird, but it actually looks more like something has been added, than removed? The redness against my Irish forehead streams of a "pluggy" look and I am very depressed during this healing phase. I just assumed healing would be quicker than it actual is.

1. How long does redness last from punch extractions?
2. Will any scarring persist?
3. Healing looks much improved day 26... but nervousness and anxiety still in my head.
4. Plastic Surgeon says this is "normal". Is he bullshitting? I mean c'mon dude, what is he going to say, correct?

I can give more details of my case, but wanted to just give an overview before the any replies come my way. Looking for honest feedback. If something more needs to be done to prevent scars, I obviously want to get on that sooner rather than later?

Thank you to this forum for listening. S.O.S... on any helpful feedback?

12-01-2013, 06:43 AM
Hi Sherlie Thanks for sharing your ongoing experience with all of us.
Be patient, you will be receiving a lot of advice soon.
Im sorry that you have been going through so much anxiety over all of it.
How old are you if you dont mind me asking?

12-01-2013, 08:24 AM
I am 47 yo. Procedure 1 done at 34.