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11-27-2013, 12:19 AM
Hi Everyone! I've been reading this forum for about a year now and now decided to sign up to share my story. Reading this forum is really helping me get through a difficult period in my life and I'd like to thank all of the dedicated members here who take time out of their busy lives to share new information and show support for their fellow balding brothers!

Now to my hair loss story. I'm 23 and I first noticed my hair loss in the summer of 2012. I had just come back from a 10 day long booze fest in celebration of my cousin's marriage and I was running my hands through my hair and it felt noticeably thinner than before all over my scalp. My first response was of course denial. It didn't look any different so I just thought maybe it was because of the shampoo I used. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. My hair continued to thin.

I booked an appointment with a dermatologist for January of 2013. He said I had mild MPB and suggested finasteride or minoxidil. I had started Nizoral 2x a week at this point. My dermatologist said I could wait it out and see if the shedding would slow down over the next few months. I had already read all about the side effects of finasteride online and I was definitely hesitant to try it. So I decided to wait it out a few months to see if the shedding would stop and unfortunately it didn't. At the end of March I decided to start finasteride. I started with 1 mg a day of generic finasteride. It pains me to say this, but I suffered side effects pretty much from day one. I suffered testicular pain and decreased libido for the first 3 days and then on the fourth had a terrible mental fog. I also had a really hard time putting sentences together and being able to express myself. I really had to concentrate on what I was saying, definitely a scary experience. I went straight to bed that night and luckily when I woke up I was better. Now this is not a story to scare people away from taking finasteride. Some people have great results with finasteride and suffer no side effects and you really don't know what it will do to you unless you try it. I, myself, didn't stop after this first experience. I dosed it down to 0.5 mg EOD for about 8 days at which point I started to get that brain fog again. I then tried 0.25 mg everyday for a month and I still experienced the testicular pain and decreased libido, but no major cognitive impairment. Finally for the past 3 weeks I've been trying 0.25 mg EOD and I still have been having side effects, although they are less pronounced.

I gave it my best shot and I think my body just might be too sensitive to the drug so I'm planning on giving it up. I also used rogaine foam for 6 months from April 2013 to October 2013. I was shedding for the whole 6 months and the areas on my scalp that were still thick quickly lost most of their density for the duration of the treatment. I will say that it made my existing strands thicker, but I lost so much ground during this time. I'm hesitant to attribute this to the minoxidil, but a part of me wonders if it might have been responsible. I noticed no regrowth while using it. I stopped for about 3 weeks and my shedding really did slow down. In the past three weeks I have started using the liquid again and am now entering the shedding phase and it has been severe to say the least. I'm shedding all of my nice thick hairs that are left. I'm not sure whether I should continue on or not. I just don't want to feel like I'm not doing anything to slow down my hair loss.

Currently I have diffuse thinning all over my scalp, even in the so called "donor" area. My temples have started to recede quite fast over the past month and a half and my crown has been progressively thinning over the past 4-5 months as well. I've had lots of shedding and thinning in my "donor" over the past 3 months.

I'm wondering what I should do? Do I have any other options? Should I continue the Rogaine? My cousin recommended Revita shampoo by DS Laboratories. I really doubt it does much, but if anyone has had any experience with it I'd love if you could share.

I share everyone's frustration with the lack of effective treatments for hair loss. This past year and a half has been an extremely stressful and depressing time for me, but I just have to continue fighting the good fight. Here's hoping 2014 brings us nothing but positive news.

Thanks for reading!