View Full Version : 12day post op question

Clark Kent
11-26-2013, 10:54 PM
hey guys just had my first HT about 12 days ago. i notice new hairs around my hairline but it looks rather thin to me. I was just wondering if this is what the final result would somewhat resemble if I were to buzz cut it or are there still more hairs to come that are just currently growing in the skin? Also there is a bunch of dry flakes on the top of my head, is it ok to rub my hands gently front to back and kind of brush out the flakes?

any info is appreciated

11-26-2013, 11:36 PM
Hey Clark,

At 12 days some of the hairs that were placed have already shed so it is difficult , if not inaccurate, to gauge anything at this point. The dry scalp is normal for many patients and it should be ok to use a bit more pressure on your scalp when showering to loosen them up. At this point, you can let your scalp soak under the shower stream for several minutes to soften the flakes so that they are easier to rub off.