View Full Version : Propecia - shrinking forelock or shedding?

11-21-2013, 04:43 PM
Started Propecia in May. Have been using the full dose for about 2 months now. Had been using 1/4 tablet from May until about July and then stepped it up to the 1/2 tablet until mid September.

Had noticeable loss on the top but a solid forelock until around the time I started Propecia. It literally looked like there was no loss there, just the temples.

The hairs are still thick but there are a lot less of them when I part my forelock. I used to see see a big white patch of skin like diamond shaped under where those hair follices are (because they hadn't miniaturised), now the patch looks a lot smaller and is the colour of skin is similar to the rest of my scalp where the loss is more noticable.

It's strange because my hair loss over the rest of my hair has stopped. I can still pull hairs out with a bit of force but they don't come out when i rub my hair over the sink.

The fact that this forelock patch looks like it's shrunk makes me worried that Propecia isn't working. I haven't noticed a shed from that area really. Also, my hairline (despite the fact it has receded) has actually started to grow back in with sparce but pretty thick hairs which definitely weren't there a year ago.

I have also been using rogaine for a year and 3 months and I apply it to the front but i'm not sure if it's worked there/could be the problem.

Has anybody else experienced the same? I'm not sure if its a shed but i'm not shedding from anywhere else if that's the case.