View Full Version : 3 year results on a tale of 2 heads part 1—1500 strip by Dr. Lindsey McLean VA

Dr. Lindsey
11-21-2013, 12:55 PM
This fellow, and the other fellow described in “part 2”, are interesting in that they have the same problem—frontal hair loss, and chose to deal with it differently. Both heard exactly the same talk about the trade offs of FUE vs Strip in terms of scarring risk, success or consistency of results, time and effort, and cost. I’ve blogged on all of these before and in general I feel that if you’ll just keep your hair a half inch long or more, and that if you need or may need a lot of hair….strip is the way to go. However, if you are planning on very short hair, FUE is the better option no matter how good the scar turns out. Plus, FUE definitely stresses the hair root more during extraction than just careful dissection out of a strip. And I believe that inconsistently affects FUE results more than the fairly consistent results with strip.

Additionally these 2 guys have the added issue of being black. This alters things 2 ways. First, they are at higher risk of hypertrophic scarring than whites…which would tend to push things toward FUE. And second, their hair roots are really curved, making them harder to FUE out than straight haired individuals…which would tend to push things toward strip.

Shown are periop pics, 1 week suture removal pics, and app 2 month pics that the patient emailed me. Also shown are 7 and 14 month pictures he sent in. One of the pictures looks “too good” and he confirms that is with concealer like Toppik. His scar is probably the best black skin scar I’ve ever done or seen.
Also, as it turns out, the fellow from part 2, posted so long ago, is coming back in December. I’ll try to update him at that time.
Dr. Lindsey McLean VA