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11-19-2013, 02:39 PM
Good day, gentlemen.

Just returned from a consultation at Farjo's Hair Institute.

On-off lurker of this place.

Was informed today that based on the initial examination it would be wise to start a course of propecia for 6 months to stabilise my hairloss before returning to for another consultation. Was mentally prepared for this. Might be that I need 2 procedures - but the course of propecia should probably verify this as a point of reference when going back.

Some background on myself and my hair then.

I am 32 years old and I consider myself getting into Norwood 3 territory at the minute.

Past few months I experienced a rapid loss of hair at the front of my head. I was going through a bit of stress at work with tight deadlines on work and drinking a lot of coffee - no doubt increasing the cortisol levels in my body significantly. Prior to this, I was aware of gradual recession at the front/sides from the age of about 24. I have also experienced some recession from my right sideburn over the course of the last few years or so.

I take very much after my father in this respect though he started to thin out end of his forties. Brother and mother more similar genetically and retain hair - in brothers case, his hairline is defined with barely noticeable recession at sideburns. His hair isn't generally thick, but he tends to keep it very short.

What have I tried prior to my consideration of a hair transplant?

L-carnitine, taken in combination with n-acetyl cisteine, taureine and saw palmetto - Read about this following some information.

I think there was definite improvement in terms of hair regrowth but I didn't stick to this longer than a month in July. All it did was slightly improve regrowth/density of hair I knew would grow from my active follicle regions.
I kinda stopped though - realising I'd have to dish out stupid amounts on supplementation and other shit just to follow his model.

As for the rest of the claims made [ link removed ] Still unsure whether the guy selling it is legit or not. His other claims were dermarollers (I never really tested this even though I bought one), putting emu oil and magnesium oil on my scalp - tried this a few times but then stopped, feeling utterly ridiculous for the effort.

About a month ago I attempted to log into the members only forum he supplies you a login and pw too when you buy his book and noticed my credentials didn't work. Unable to say whether he's cashed in and effed off now based on the initial yield of sales or whether it's genuine technical issues - who knows? Would love to seem some top-end hair restoration clinic pros take a look into that site and give it a thorough dissection.

Noticed that reducing caffiene intake and going to the gym helped in maintaining what I had but not miraculously regrowing hair in the bald bits - which is the holy grail of hairloss we all want to obtain. Perhaps the reduced cortisol and increased bloodflow helped, or maybe the endorphines from exercise took my mind off fixating on my hair loss?

Overall I reckon I have great amount of donor hair and Farjo clinic verified this - Farjo Institute reckons 1-2 procedures is probably what I'll need, but given I haven't taken propecia or finastaride to tackle the matter of stabilisation it's (from what I gathered) harder to verify this and that I'll invariably still lose hair in the region of my head that I'd hope to be chasing in with a hair transplant and later on - a bit from the vertex, but in my own heart/mind, I am psychologically ready for a single procedure that that fills out the front and gives it a defined line and density to the front.

Not going to consider another clinic beyond Farjo's given they're like top 2 places in the country and it's nearest to me as I live in Leeds. I know there are great places abroad, but I'm not interested in travelling that far.

Perfect world - I want hair like Kyle McClachlan in Twin Peaks. Hair that I can part sideways and even back comb (not so much the latter), not just brush forward to hide the recession. I have done shaved heads before and apparently suit them - but I'd like this as A choice, not THE choice when it comes to my hairline.

I've not really been bothered about the vertex until it was pointed out I'd probably start losing it from there, but we'll see what gets said 6 months from now.

In addition to what I put up soon - I'll attempt to provide additional photographs too over the coming months.

11-19-2013, 02:53 PM
Taken in May of this year.

Should note this is about 3 month regrowth following the previous head shave.

Will post some more up-to-date shots soon.

11-19-2013, 03:34 PM
These were taken about 10 minutes ago on my crappy camera phone - The lighting is poor admittedly. Will attempt to take some better quality shots soon.

Looking at these I am probably worse than a NW3. Some times it's hard to tell... Hard to take a picture of the back of ones head too.

Apologies for the large file sizes on these.

11-19-2013, 03:52 PM
Another point I thought I would make.

Back in my teens, I was diagnosed as having thalassaemia - which I had to take iron tablet supplementation for. What's thalassaemia - A weak iron deficiency so I recall being told. Whatever the case, I was more tired than the average teenager back then. Probably because my body needed more iron to carry oxygen around?

Who can say? It was never so bad that it ruined my life or stopped me from living one. I just popped a few tablets each day for a while.

My mother has the Mediterranean/Italian family connections so no doubt my low iron has potentially and possibly played it's part in all this hairloss nonsense?

11-19-2013, 10:31 PM
Your crown looks perfect. You get decent results from a transplant and you will be in great shape.

12-03-2013, 02:56 PM
Been taking propecia for coming up to a week and a half. 5.5 months to go.

Last 3-4 days I do feel more aware of my testicles. It's not a painful sensation though.

Maybe it's because I have been reading some bad horror stories about it feminising you and making you sterile etc. Would like to at least have the ability to have children at some point in my life even though I am not getting younger...

Maybe all that's making me focussed on my genitals and more aware of the sensation down there?

In the mean time, have been taking horny goat weed, ginkgo biloba and zinc every other day. Going to see a doctor to check my hormonal levels too, probably should have done this prior to taking the propecia but might provide some insight.

Forgive the frank admissions about to provide here, but given the stories surrounding Propecia, probably good to detail this too...

Think the horny goat weed is helping. My erections feel stronger. Ejaculatory function is fine, though still conscious of balls when having orgasm.

Do feel ever-so-slightly less focussed on thoughts of sex, but given I am a single man without a wife or girlfriend to enjoy sex with as the means of natural release, thus spending a lot of time online. Given the excessive amount of pornographic material, it's not hard to find visual stimulation at all - thus, I wonder if my prior masturbatory habits were excessive and putting more strain on my body?

Prior to the course of propecia I would masturbate more frequently, taking into account my age of 32. We're talking every other day.

With the propecia, after 12 days, I think my possible diminished focus means this will be every 3 days or so. Hard to say whether this is due to the propecia or as I say, former possibly excessive habits being used as a yardstick and/or other factors in my life at the moment. My job isn't busy at the moment so I don't feel as stressed, been getting ample sleep, but not much exercise... Anyway, anecdotal musings aside.

Been taking photographs every day too. Will try and post them up this weekend.

Mainly shots of the front of my head and less on the vertex (will attempt to profile this more in newer shots). The lighting isn't always great in them and some of them are taken when my hair has been drying a little from coming out of the shower.

Will detail this in my pictures though.

12-06-2013, 11:14 AM
Yesterday and today I have yet to take my propecia.

On the Thursday around 3pm time I felt restless and uncomfortable, unable to focus on my work and conscious of my scrotum, of the cloth of my underwear against it and the tightness of my work trousers. I was constantly changing moving in my seat.

Normally have an Americano from my coffee shop around 12.30pm so part of me was wondering if this had an effect, whether it's bad to have caffiene when taking propecia... Three hours later though?

Today I felt similarly distracted but I feel not as much as the Thursday.

Maybe I am plucking at straws here.

If it was just that on it's own, I'd think it was the coffee, only it has been coupled with a dull sensation in my right testicle for the last couple of days. I don't feel it in the mornings when I wake up, oddly.

Not sure how to proceed... I have spent money on a months prescription and now I am unsure whether I should give this medication a wide berth. Maybe I am one of the unlucky few who react badly to this stuff? The slightly discomfort is giving me cause for concern.

I am taking 1mg of the stuff every day, usually around 2pm. Attached a pic of the box so you can see what I am taking.

Would people advise I get off this immediately or half my dosage? Or maybe 5 days on, 2 days off?

Could the supplements I have been taking every other day be playing an affect? (Picture attached)

Not seen a doctor yet.

If I am thinking of getting a HT, do I have to take propecia or any medication at all?

Can I get one WITHOUT having to take any?

Any feedback/opinions here highly appreciated.

Pictures taken, coming this weekend.

12-06-2013, 05:59 PM
I am not trying to offend you, but it seems like you are overly focused on sides. When you think this much about the horror stories that I am sure you have read about, you will definitely got sides. There will be guys showing up here real soon that will warn you to get off fin or your dick will fall off and you will get even more afraid. If it makes you feel any better I would recommend you start with a smaller dose. I started with the normal dose and my left ball did ache a bit every now and then for the first couple of months. I stayed on the 1mg dose and now at 5 months I don't feel anything negative at all. What about taking it at night? Maybe then you wont think too much about the sides as you will hopefully be asleep.

Any way, I am not saying you are not having sides, but I don't think you need to focus on them as much as you are. You wont have to look for them. If things are affecting you that bad I am sure you will know.