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11-19-2013, 11:39 AM
Hi guys, I'm new here and would like to share my story with hair loss so far.

I'm a diffuse thinner which seems to be quite aggressive. I first noticed a really small patch of thinning hair on the frontal region of scalp on the right side. I reacted quickly by purchasing two types of minoxidil - Lipogaine and Spectral. Within the two months of applying it I lost ground on my receding areas, but from what I read this was an indication of the products working. Unfortunately, around the two month mark, I got sides so i quit. Worst being lack of libido along with others - black rings under eyes and slight fogginess. I know lack of libido due to minox is very rare and affects a minority of users. I also know that it isn't a listed side effect and can cause debate on forums like this. "It's all in your head" is a typical response... It really wasn't.
Where I'm at now with hairloss is not good. It seems to have become more agressive leaving me with patchy thinning areas all over the scalp and my receding area has been hit hard. Where I first noticed my hairloss begin (on the right side at the front of my scalp) it is near enough bald with some small fine hairs poking out. I have long thick hair and can get away with covering it up....just, but when it's wet it scares and upsets the shit out of me....I can't believe how fast it's happened sometimes as I never expected it.
Since three weeks ago I started finasteride. All good so far with no sides, although it's to early to say...my fingers are well and truly crossed. Still shedding a lot which I was hoping would stop. A month or two before fin i got on nizoral and within the first month of using it i went through a major shed. In fact it made my hair look a lot worse which I don't know if it is a bad thing or a sign of it working for me. It seems to have slowed down a little now.

What i would love advice on is topical alternatives to minox. I'm considering spiro cream, foligen, zix, nanoxidil,emu oil other oils, can't afford RU and sounds a little complicated to get and mix. Are there any other diffusers that have a had a good response to a topical solution apart from minox, especially on the hairline?
I'm speaking to another guy who had a similar experience on minox to me and he is currently using rogaine foam once a day. Before he was using lipogaine and believes his bad reaction was due to that. I'm not to sure, but If things get worse I might start using rogaine foam the same way.
I've also heard poor reviews on fin working on the hairline, I'm really hoping this isn't true.

Any advice on direction would be much appreciated. I guess it's hard though when it all depends on the individual.

Thanks for reading guys.

11-19-2013, 01:36 PM
Forgot to mention that I first noticed the beginning of hair loss in February.

11-19-2013, 08:41 PM
Fin is working pretty damn good for me.. mind you I have unpleasant side effects (not sexual). So it's a catch 22. It's driving me nuts cause my hair is bouncing right back to the way I always remembered it. Hurray! Sorta:)

11-20-2013, 08:41 AM
That's good as long as you can put up with the sides, whatever sides they are. How long have you been on fin for? Where are you seeing regrowth?