View Full Version : HT recipient site / shaving after transplant question

11-16-2013, 12:46 AM
I have a question I've been wondering for some time now, I'm hoping maybe HT doctors or previous HT patients can answer:

Do hair transplants leave visible scarring in the recipient area?

Obviously at the point of hair insertion (e.g. hairline etc) a cut is made to put the hair in.
Some years down the line, hair loss may progress further and donor area may run out.
Of course you want the HT to last as long as possible, but it may eventually get past a point where it has thinned too much and there is no donor left.

So there may come a point in the future, where that person reasonably decides they just want to shave their head now.

So my question is simply can you shave your head after a hair transplant or does it leave visible scarring?
Or does having a hair transplant leave loads of tiny scars everywhere (along frontal hairline, top of head etc.) meaning you can't really even shave your head either any more?