View Full Version : How much does a FUE procedure typically cost?

11-14-2013, 04:27 PM
Also ,what about ARTAS?

John P. Cole, MD
11-15-2013, 09:48 PM
I think you will find a variety of costs right now because many physicians offer FUE. Here is how I would begin to fine tune your thoughts about FUE.

Artas: this is a robot with few results, a poor track record, a high follicle injury rate, and a high missed graft rare. [Incendiary comments removed]
Experience. everyone is offering FUE today. Why? Because i kept pounding the table about FUE. i'd like to include others, but no one else pounded the table like i did. Now there are some good ones that began at the onset. These include Brad Wolf, Robert True and others. [Hearsay removed] You need to find someone that has done FUE for years. The robot dose not count. The result with this is poor and it has always been poor. Steer clear of this. [Possible defamatory and incendiary comments removed]
there are a few numbers that all patients should know. One is the graft attempt number. The second is the extracted graft number. The difference between the attempt number and the extracted number is the missed graft number. Most recent estimations are 26%. You also need to know your transected follicle and your transected graft ratio. We've been tabulating this since 2003. Thankfully, others are following suit.

I think you will agree that the Artas is the worst possible option once you look at these numbers. However, in the worst of hands, perhaps the Artas is better than. The Artas cannot turn a very bad doctor into an artist. It is better for the physician with bad hands to stick with the Artas. Why try to convert a physician with bad hands into someone with good hands? No one does this.

Now, assume that all options at this point are equal. Why attempt to proceed further? I cannot proceed further. I hope the best for you.