View Full Version : Top of head stabilized, sides of head bald

11-14-2013, 03:02 AM
I started aggressively balding at age 19. By 20 I was on minox, 21 finasteride. My hair was better at 22 than 19 although I had receded into a NW 2.5-3. I had sexual side effects so I stepped off the fin. 2 years later I went back on fin, then dut. The hair above my ears had fallen out and I was left vellus a few years back. Since last year, the hair all around the ears, especially directly above the sideburns has become terrible.

I seem to maintain or have even regrown hair on the top of my head. It seems stabilized there in a NW 3.5 diffuse pattern. No doubt I am a NW 6 off of meds. However, while the top has stabilized, the hair around my ears has thinned to the point where it just looks ridiculous. Squiggly lines of baldness with just vellus hair mixed in with a few terminal hairs here and there. I have to buzz it every day and it is still very odd looking. I have since began minox on the sides as well. I look at pictures of men with more baldness on top than me and while the sides have thinned and temple points have pushed back, I am going to be completely bald around the ears, above my sideburns and in this "beard hair" type area within a year.

I understand heavy norwooders lose hair here but how can the top be stabilized while the sides are headed towards baldness. The only thing I can find is potential thyroid problems (and retroactive alopecia). Opinions?

11-14-2013, 10:18 AM
Probably retrograde alopecia. If you have a good head of hair up top you might want to go to a real good barber (a real barber) and get a high skin fade. It will shave the hair around your ear and sides down to skin and will make the missing hair on the sides a non issue, just a thought.

11-14-2013, 05:44 PM
I'm interested to see how this looks. Can you post pics? I know nothing about it, i'm just curious to see how it looks just in case it ever happens to me.