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11-12-2013, 10:51 PM
I guess I'm trying to find a ray of hope to grab on to, and if someone could provide me with their experiences I might be able to find one - and I'd really appreciate it.

Is there any sort of indicator of what you will be able to grow back during the early months of treatment by the time your hair stabilizes on medication?
Taking fin/minox 2x daily/keto 1% regenpure DR 2x weekly..

Background: I definitely see some sort of real growth so far, little tiny darker hairs are sprouting up, where 2 months ago the first were sparce and unpatterned where now I clearly see a hairline forming with these baby hairs, for lack of a better word. They are forming on my temple points and around the hairline where I apply rogaine 2x daily. None of this is seriously cosmetically significant though at all right now. But it's there if I look. I notice now I can see it just by lifting my hair back and standing next to the mirror, where in the previous month I really had to press my face to the mirror.

My question is, did anyone experience this sort of thing at any point which lead to a solid regrowth in these areas? Did anyone experience this sort of thing only to have them stick around as little baby hairs for the foreseeable future?

The vellus hairs that were there on the left side seem to have shed and are coming back as these baby hairs, if there were any there before I started they were colorless completely. On the right side I have very thin and light hairs that are making up area between a NW2 and what seems to be NW1 area, but they have grown substantially in length and a little bit behind them the area has thickened since starting. Also I have grown my hair longer so the "shade" from the hair pushed forward makes them sort of visable.

I'm 3.5 months into treatment now, about 3 months on a 1mg or higher (1.25 cut) dose of fin.

I made a post like this before I think, but now have more time under my belt and the last one was sort of derailed I think.

11-12-2013, 11:03 PM
Patience bro patience....

You never know how things will play out...Some get further loss, others quick growth, and sometimes results can subtly sneak up on ya, whether it be cosmetically significant or just realizing a year or two down the road ya havn't lost any ground

helps to have some solid pics to compare with

btw I just started with fin and minox and august and my hair has got much worse, but i do see dark hairs on my temples...the fate of which is to be determined...as for the shedded soldiers, will they return? stay tuned..