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11-10-2013, 10:37 AM
Hi everybody-

I'm 31, been receding since my early 20s. I actually really like my "receding look"- but for the last few years the recession has turned into hair loss on the top, which is no fun!

I have been on Propecia + Minoxodil since 2006, and have been pretty good at keeping up with it. But there have been periods where I just stopped for months at a time.

9-10 months ago I decided to get back on the bandwagon and take Propecia and Rogaine religiously, every day.

I also discovered Caboki. Frankly, this has been THE most rewarding of all hair loss solutions. Within seconds I have thickness that looks natural.

Here's my routine. I get up, pop a pill of Propecia, shampoo with Kiehl's thickness shampoo. Then I put a big ball of Rogaine foam in my palm, massage it into the scalp, and wait 20-30 minutes until it is completely dry.

Then I sprinkle Caboki on the scalp, spray the locking mist, and off I go.
I sleep with Caboki on, and in the morning I shower and repeat the steps.

Here's the deal: when I rub the Rogaine foam into my scalp, I get a lot of shedding. At first I thought it was just the "shedding phase". But I am well beyond that, and it still continues to shed. As far as new hair is concerned, I honestly don't see much difference since I got onto Rogaine regularly again.

Does anyone have any tips? Am I making any major mistakes in my routine? The Caboki people actually recommended doing what I do (apply Rogaine first, let it dry, then sprinkle Caboki to conceal).

Is the problem the Caboki? is the Rogaine taking longer to kick in? Or has my body just built a tolerance towards Minoxidil over the years?

Your thoughts are appreciated.


Dr. Glenn Charles
11-16-2013, 06:28 PM
The answer to your question is a hard one. Every patient responds differently to all of the non surgical hair loss prevention treatments. If it is working for you I wouldn't change anything. If not then trying different may be worth while.