View Full Version : Transgender Patient, 1661 grafts; Dr. Mike Beehner

Mike Beehner, M.D.
11-08-2013, 12:47 PM
This 41 y/o male-to-female transgender patient presented for a first transplant procedure to lower the hairline and bring the temple areas forward. Also there were scars in the recessions from a brow lift. 1661 grafts (3322 hairs) were placed in these areas using custom-made slit blades and all FU grafts. She is returning for a second and probably final procedure to double the density to a level she would be happy with the rest of her life.
Two of the "before" photos are from when I had my first consultation with her, and the next two "before" photos are after the facial surgery was done but before the transplants, and the final three photos are 8 months after the procedure, which means they should get a little denser in the next 5-7 months.
Mike Beehner, M.D.