View Full Version : 22 yrs old DPA FIN - 2 months in results

11-07-2013, 09:29 AM
hey guys, I use 1 mg fin a day with regene-pure shampoo and I have been silently following the threads on this site and have decide to make my own account to show you my journey. I have had some success on the fin and would simply like to show you my results. The before picture was taken at the end of August 2013 when I first started using fin - and this last picture was taken at the end of October 2013, each picture was taken exactly 4 weeks after I received the same exact size haircut, both are taken in day light and with the same camera - I am not making any claims I am simply adding this to the boat load of progress pictures - and I will continue to post my pictures. One thing I have noticed is that I went from being able to have crazy erections all day to going soft while having sex with my girlfriend, -- so I am going to be taking 1 mg every other day instead of everyday to see if this helps. My semen is also a lot less dense (more watery) I have no breast enlargement and I am finding that my head itch is still present but nonetheless it is less intense and frequent. I believe my baldness pattern is DPA, please leave all feedback - thanks guys and good luck - losing your hair sucks so bad but were here to make the process the best it can be and with god's help -0 maybe a few of us can hold onto our hair.