View Full Version : Brandy Flap, Multiple Strip Scars, and Plug Redistribution

11-05-2013, 10:18 AM
Our patient today had a Brandy hair flap procedure several years ago, mini grafts and later, multiple strip surgeries. Hair on one side of the flap did not grow. During his surgery with Dr. Cole in May of 2009, he had chest hair grafted into his scars in the back. At that time ACell was not used. Dr. Cole told me that ACell does help body hair yield to varying degrees. Today our patient is back for plug redistribution with the focus on his hairline. This time some of the redistributed scalp hair will be used in his scars along with ACell and PRP. Seeing our patient in person this morning before surgery, I was impressed that his hair looks great overall. He is now able to hide the scarred area in the back with longer hair. Like many other men who have had widened scars, his goal is to be able to swim without people seeing scars through his wet hair, wear a shorter haircut, and be able to avoid the concern of being outside on a windy day.

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