View Full Version : Quit Avodart and have some questions on my mind

11-05-2013, 03:34 AM
So I finally quit Avodart, partly for the unimproved results and partly for the memory issues I had.
I was app. 14 months on Avodart, with being on 1 mg/day dose for the last 8 months.
I was still losing hair, my mom commented that my hair quality had gone worse (thinner all over), and I had issues with the hair line.
I was nowhere better than 14 months ago, if not worse.
So the questions I have in my mind:
I did not gradually stop, I just stopped taking it just like that.
I waited for 15 days, then I started the old friend Proscar.
It's now 25 days on Proscar, and I am having a massive shed. My hairline looks worse than a month ago.
Also, my sex drive is a bit worse than I was on Avodart, strange because duta is much more potent.
However, this shedding seems strange to me. Since I was on Avodart 1 mg (higher than most people use) for such a long time, I am sure I still have it in my system. This shed in my opinion cannot be due to quitting Avo. I would expect a catch-up shed, let's say after 4-6 months.
So I believe the shedding is due to Finasteride.
What is your opinion, am I losing hair for good since I don't take Avodart anymore (ie. losing possible gains) or is it regular shedding observed in most Finasteride cases, probably followed by better hair quality?

oh btw. I am not going back to Avodart ever. I really fear its mental sides since I personally experienced them.

11-05-2013, 01:22 PM
ok I got more info I counted the hairs today (brushing after shower), it's 94. now my hair is kind of long (almost shoulder long) and 94 hairs look like way more than 94 (looks like a big ball of fur when come together). I wear a pony tail during the day, so I don't think much is falling without me noticing, they all go off in the shower and when brushing, so I estimate 125-150 hairs a day considering the ones lost in the drain. what would you say about this number? is it normal?